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Heavy Duty Utility Clamps

Utility Clamps with the Removable / Reversible Clamp Arm, set-up 10x faster than a C-Clamp!

  • Clamping Pressure: 4,800 lb
  • Throat Depth: 7″
  • Rail Size: 1-9/16 x 3/4″
  • Tapped Hole: 3/8-16
  • Heavy Duty Replaceable Pads

You can create your own 4-IN-1 kit with the 4-IN-1 Accessory Pack!

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Product Details

Reverse the clamp arm and create a Spreader Clamp.

Part No.Capacity - A (in)Throat Depth - B (in)Clamping Pressure (lb)Rail Size - C (in)Tapped Hole - DWeight (lb)
UP12512-1/274,8001-9/16 x 3/43/8-1612.3
UP16516-1/274,8001-9/16 x 3/43/8-1613.6
UP20520-1/274,8001-9/16 x 3/43/8-1615.0
UP24524-1/274,8001-9/16 x 3/43/8-1616.5
UP40540-1/274,8001-9/16 x 3/43/8-1622.0
UP60560-1/274,8001-5/8 x 3/43/8-1628.0
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