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Large Diameter Pipe Grounding Clamps

These clamps feature a copper grounding attachment at one end and a stainless steel v-pad for holding round or flat parts on the other. Deep throat on the clamping arm means that diameters of up to 13″ can be accommodated with the v-pad.

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Product Details

Stainless Steel Clip-on V-Pad
Rated at 530 AMPS with 3/0 cable
Reverse the clamp arm and create a Spreader Grounding Clamp.
Replaceable Copper Sleeve

Part No.

Amperage / Cable SizeCapacity (A) with V-Pad (in)Capacity (A) without V-Pad (in)Clamping Pressure (lb)Overall Length (B) (in)Weight (lb)


530A / 3/09.011.080017.05.6


530A / 3/013.014.080020.86.1
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