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Large Diameter Pipe Pliers



Large-diameter pipe pliers clamp up to 6″ diameter pipes.

Featuring an adjustable V-Pad on the top jaw and a spindle on the bottom jaw to securely clamp to round pipes.

The quick-release trigger and unique crank handle allow for fast, easy jaw opening and pressure adjustment.

Product Details

Large diameter pipe pliers clamp up to 6″ diameter pipes!

The Pliers are made from heat-treated steel and are nickel/chrome plated for durability. 

They include one V-pad on the top jaw, and a fixed spindle on the bottom jaw, which allows for the most rigid clamp when clamping round stock or pipe up from 4 to 6 inch OD.

*  The black clip lets you to lock the v-pad alignment parallel with the plier jaws. Remove the clip for free rotation of the v-pad.

Part No.

Hold Pipe (in)

Dimension (in)
Weight (lb)

Ø4 ~ Ø6

15 x 9.5 x 2.0

Add Your Own V-Pad:

Add another V-Pad (XNV) or Magnetic V-Pad (XNV2) to create a convenient way to hold round or square tubes for butt-welding.

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