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Pipe Pliers

The convenient way to hold round or square tubes for butt-welding.

  • Wide opening allows the Pipe Pliers to hold up to 2-1/2″ diameter pipes.
  • Two V-Pads provide a better clamping surface.
  • Adjustable top spindle for holding pipes of varying sizes.
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Product Details

The V-Pads on the Pipe Pliers adapt to many different shapes and sizes.

* Magnetic V-Pads and Stainless Steel V-Pads (Part No. XFVS) also available separately. 

Part No.Top V-PadBottom V-PadThroat Depth (in)MAX Clamping Capacity (in)ThreadOverall Length (in)Weight (lb)
PG622VFixedFixed21 - 2M860.8
PG634VFixedFixed32 - 3M88.51.1


(0º & 45º rotatable)

31.5 - 2.5M88.51.2


Stainless Steel

(0º & 45º rotatable)

Stainless Steel

31.5 - 2.5M88.51.2
PG114VFixedFixed3.51.5 - 2.5M10112.8
PG115VAdjustableFixed3.51.5 - 2.5M10112.9

Ergonomic single hand release lever that won't pinch.

Quick tightening crank handle allows you to adjust pressure without releasing workpiece.

0° & 45° angle clip in PG635V(S) allows angled clamping.

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