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The Third Hand Modular Clamps



“Third Hand” positions your workpiece at any angle for full weld access. Use your THIRD HAND to elevate and firmly hold stock at the ideal angle and height while you weld, cut, sand or paint.

Securely hold stock at any position with ball joint adjustment and locking.

Universal clamp base (HAS42) mounts on flat or square surfaces (up to 2″ thick), angle iron, and 1” round posts.

Two hole clamp base (HAS40) is compatible with Rhino Cart and BuildPro Welding Tables for mounting at any point on the tabletop.

0.75” opening Slotted Adaptor Head accepts Pliers or Clamps to hold round, flat, square or angled stock. Two screws securely hold parts or clamps in position.

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Universal Clamp Base Model - HAS42

Welding Table Base Model - HAS40

Hold sheet metal / plexiglass.

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Universal C-Clamp Base Model


Welding Table Base Model
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